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Tuition Rates

MOE Trained
and UP per hour
MOE Trained Teachers are most effective with their teaching technique as they have acquired the art of teaching and handling students back in NIE Singapore.
Thus, expect a costlier price that comes with a more experienced tutor.
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and UP per hour
Gradaute Tutors are those that have completed their degree and persuing a tutoring career either part-time or full-time. They may be less experienced, but those with degrees relevant to subjects they are teaching may be an added advantage.
Cost falls slightly below MOE Trained Tutors due to the difference in experience.
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and UP per hour
Undergraduate Tutors consist of those who are still pursuing their tertiary education. This group of tutors is the youngest yet most familiar with the latest subject syllabus because of their recent completion of the similar subject.
This group of tutors are less experienced compared to the other 2 which explains the lower tuition rates.
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Frequently asked questions

What if I am not satisfied with the tutor?

We take pride in our experienced tutors and the services they render. Though our tutors are well-trained and carefully selected, we acknowledge to the fact that every home tutor teaches differently and every student’s learning style varies. However, in any case of dissatisfaction of our tutors, we only accept any request to change tutor after the 1st month. We will replace a tutor for you based on your requirements Free of Charge.

Why is MasterTutor better as compared to the other Private Home Tuition Agency Websites?

We are a one-stop solution to bridge the gap between students who are in dire need of tuition and private home tutors. It is a seamless motion whereby students submit a Request Tutor Form, and Tutors will view and apply for assignments on our Tuition Assignment Page. Once an application is filed, our Team will quickly translate between both parties and arrange the first lesson.

Is it safe to leave my kid with the Private Tutor at Home alone?

Before recommending any tutor to you, we will once again inform the tutor about the consequences should any unlawful event occurs in the house. Moreover, you could also choose your preferred race and gender of the tutor when submitting the Request Tutor Form. This option reduces the worry you may have when engaging a home private tutor. What we can suggest is that you conduct a probation period for the tutor. During the first 4 weeks of tuition, observe the tutor’s teaching technique and behavior to determine whether or not your child will be safe with him/her.

What are the Payment Methods?

As we only collect 50% of the home tutor’s earnings for the lessons conducted in the first 4 weeks, the amount will vary from tutors to tutors. Therefore, we only accept bank transfer. Our bank details will be provided to the parents of the student before the 1st tuition class is scheduled.